Jack's Testimony

Before I gave my life to Christ, I joined the Army in 1986.  I "got saved" while in training like a lot of people do when things are difficult to deal with in their immediate world. But, it was some length of time before I made "the connection"... Let me tell you how that went.  This is the Testimony of me , Jack Pardee.

I am currently disabled with ALS.  I can't say surviving ALS, I won't say "suffering from ALS", but I can say that I love God  & my life is for Him.  My life isn't about illness, it is about learning that God had a plan for me.  I am not mad at God that I am disabled, I am loving God for letting me know that He has had a plan for me all along. 
To make "the connection",  a dear friend Dr John used scriptures Romans 3:23, 6:23 & 10: 13. I was so relieved when I got it! Life was no longer about me living, life became about discovering God's purpose in my world!

I can tell you where & when, but the how is more important!
When we thought my loving wife Rozanne had cancer, we were both very worried. The Doctors said, "...the markers are high"... Our concerns were definitely high!

I prayed to God to take my life, not
hers.  It seems almost possible that
God arranged that. She had surgery,
pulled through & has become stronger.
I have a chance now to tell people
about Christ.  I just want to tell them how 
God has uplifted me & gave me peace during all of this.  If anybody can be brought to Christ, my whole story is worth it.

I wasn't mad at God for what I was going through as I watched my strength go away.  I felt like God knew I would go through all of this long before I felt the first symptom.

​I believe God knew when I was in the Army,
​that He was preparing me to go through it all without anger & to tell people about God's love & how He could save me & them too!When I went to the Hospital, I was in there and talked to a  man.  I asked him about if he believed in God.  I just felt a need to.  He said, "I believe there is a God, but God won't forgive me for what all I have done".  Without much pause, I informed him, "MY God will!"   I don't know where the man is now, but I 

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