The desire to be an inspiration is very strong in me. I want y'all to know, you don't have to be angry for where you are at in life. You can love God, so that your purpose will  be revealed to you.

I know God has used me for his purposes several times.  People tell me that I am an inspiration to them.  I hope that inspiration leads them to God.
I don't want anyone to take my place.  I don't want anyone to pity me.   I want people to know that I know it is MY turn to see God & I am so looking forward to seeing my God and being with Him.   I am comfortable spiritually with where God has taken me, is taking me AND will be taking me.

I want to leave you with this: I am not mad at God... I am doing God's work.  I am living out the plan that God knew about before I did. Not a lot of people can  say that. :)Again, if anybody can be brought to Christ, my whole story is worth it.

I am Jack Pardee, child of God (not defined by ALS, but designed and directed by God).


hope I planted a seed.  I want to plant a seed for you as well, but telling you my story.

At Flying J, another guy & me were trying to convince a man that there is a  God!  Hopefully, I planted a seed there, too.
My Neurologist said that I have the best attitude for the state I am in. And I can honestly say, I view my situation something like Job's (from The Bible). I want what I have been through & am going through to help someone, anyone to know my God. I want to be an inspiration, I want my story to reach people. I don't feel angry, I feel God.

God has been so good to me. He knew what was in store for me long ago and made plans for me.

God knew I'd need the Military in my condition and I believe He was lining it all up to work out.  The V.A. has been good to me. God & the V.A. have allowed me to provide for myself and my
family, plus help others when the need is there.

​God gave me a very loving wife and a good family.  Both have been very supportive  and have been here for me. I so much hope that they can see God in me....

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