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After four months, I had a follow-up thermography and the “hot red” spot on my back  had been reduced to a much smaller area and was now yellow instead of red.  In addition, I was sleeping better, I noticed my posture was better and my overall health had improved.

I cannot thank Jeannie enough for helping me and would highly recommend Heaven’s Gifted Hands to anyone.

Cathy A.


​​I first went to Heaven’s Gifted Hands in October 2015.  We had just moved here from out of state and in preparing for the move, I had “overdone” it and was having upper back issues.  Although, at the time I didn’t realize that that was the issue.  I had been to the doctor to find out what was causing the dizziness and nausea I was experiencing and they just kept taking blood and telling me nothing was wrong.  It wasn’t until I had thermography done that the pieces of the puzzle started to fit.  The inflammation in my upper back showed up hot red in the thermography.  The woman who did the thermography referred me to Jeannie for therapeutic massage. 

After my first massage, I was sore but I did feel a little better.  I continued with massage therapy and after each session, I felt better.  Within two months, I was no longer getting dizzy or feeling nauseous every time I turned my head.